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FlightTracker is a tool to help track Alaska and Horizon Airline flights for changes. It will automatically send you an email whenever changes occur in the flight you are tracking. This tool is very useful when you want to be the first to know when any of the below changes happen to a flight:

  • Flight minimum price changes (so you can track if that bargain seat becomes available for purchase)
  • Flight Legs Upgrade seat availability for Gold/MVP
    • This is perfect if you are trying to use an upgrade certificate or miles to get into F and is just waiting on a seat to open for upgrade
  • First Class Revenue Seats availability
  • Flight Schedule Changes
    • These changes occur when flight departure or arrival times are changed
  • Overall Flight availability
    • These changes occur when flights are sold out, cancelled or changed

To get started use the "Add Flight" link on the left

If you like the tool and want to donate any amount using your Credit/Check Card or PayPal account use the link on the left :)



Luiz Miranda



    This system uses public Alaska Airlines flight information from their web site and by no means provides access to any information you couldn't otherwise get from their web site itself. Usage of this system is FREE and the information provided here is not guaranteed accuracy. I will do my best to insure the system is up but cannot guarantee anything :)