AlaskaAir Flight Tracker

AlaskaAir Flight Tracker
Windows Phone 7
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Detailed description
The AlaskaAir FlightTracker app let's you track any Alaska Airlines flight (including flights operated by their partners) for changes in price, schedule, seat availability and upgrade space. It will automatically send your phone a push notification as soon as a change occurs for the flights you are tracking and update your Live Tile.

This app is very useful when you want to be the first to know of changes to a flight so you can take action before others do. Here are some things you can start tracking today (with more planned for future versions):

- Track Price changes so you can be the first to know of bargains or to get a flight credit using Alaska's price guarantee program.
- Track Upgrade seat availability for Gold/MVP members is perfect if you are trying to use an upgrade certificate or miles to get into First Class and is just waiting on a seat to open up. Be the first one to snag it.
- Track First Class Revenue Seats availability for those who want to purchase first class but couldn't get a seat during booking.
- Track any Flight Schedule Changes so you can make changes to your plans as necessary.
- Track overall flight availability to know when the flight is sold out.

For version history, help and discussion forum of the system please visit

Please Note: The AlaskaAir Flight Tracker system uses public Alaska Airlines flight information and is kept up to date as best possible but we cannot guarantee complete accuracy of this data at any time therefore usage of this system and the information provided by it should always be checked with AlaskaAir's web site prior to making any decisions.

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